White River water shortage still unresolved

Residents of White River are up in arms as some have been without water since Friday and it seems as if the issue will remain unresolved until tonight or early tomorrow morning.

According to the spokesperson of Mbombela Local Municipality, Mr Joseph Ngala, the specialist contractor arrived at around 16:00 yesterday. “If everything goes according to plan, work at the irrigation board will be concluded at around 10:00 today. But”, he says, “then sealant needs to dry and that can take up to 12 hours.”

“We apologise for the serious inconvenience this has caused. This is a serious mishap and the problem seems genuine. We do not suspect any foul play and it is one of those situations that could not be avoided. The irrigation board is looking at a complete revamp of their infrastructure in the near future,” said Ngala.

Residents vent their anger over water shortages

Stefan de Villiers

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