Bossies show White River Pre-primary kids the ropes

Bossies Community Justice’s (BCJ) Danie Theron and Albert Gryvenstein recently paid a visit to White River Pre-Primary to educate the kids on the unforeseen event of abduction, kidnapping or getting lost. They were joined by their canine companions, Patch and Bullet, who are in the process of becoming dedicated members of the BCJ team.

Theron is a well-known former police warrant officer who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of locals. He shared his extensive experience and wealth of knowledge in rescue work and dog units with the little ones, who gave their undivided attention. They were taught the importance of staying put when they can not locate their parents, be it in a mall, at a festival or outdoors. They each received a whistle, which Theron explained should only be used in the case of an emergency.

“We do these talks in the early stages of the children’s development. It makes a much greater impact, and they tend to remember it. Some kids have approached me eight or nine years later and would still remember some of these tips,” said Theron.
To end things off on a high note, the
well-trained Bullet entertained the youngsters with his newly-learned tricks after which they were given the opportunity to pat him and Patch.

Bombi Mavundza

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