An exquisite sculpture gallery set to open

WHITE RIVER – Local art lovers can celebrate a new addition to the local art scene, with a brand-new gallery opening this week. Friday will see the official opening of the Bronze Art Africa Art Gallery.

Artist and the owner of Bronze Art Africa Foundry, Michael Cañadas has been casting work for friend and fellow artist, Marke Meyer, for the past seven years.

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These two artists have a quiet meeting of minds. Both are passionate about their art, love the medium of bronze, yet remain very distinctive in the way they create their pieces.
Cañadas’ subject matter ranges from realistic wildlife pieces to abstract figurative work. He is able to work in any size, from miniature to monumental. His passion for the bush, ancient cultures and wildlife is evident in much of his choice of subject matter. He has an almost effortless ability to capture the essence and moment in time of his subjects.

Cañadas works quickly and efficiently. Often his beginning strokes are retained and visible in the final piece, creating a freshness and excitement in the work. His pieces are now in many collections all over the world.
Marke Meyer, on the other hand, is both a sculptor and photographer, but essentially a poet. He works and resides on the picturesque KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. Having abandoned the pen and paper in exchange for space itself, he now uses sculpture to create his unique, quirky concoction of “visual poetry”.

Meyer works with his own photographic reference material as well as with live models.  His subject matter is always figurative. Figures fascinate him. He prefers the nude figure, as it is free of context and allows for an open-ended expression of abstract concepts and emotions.
He has the ability to catch the figure in frenetic movement or caught at rest – a pause in time. His pieces, despite the weight of the medium, appear light and buoyant – oftentimes literally suspended from the ceiling. Meyer’s pieces have travelled abroad to Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

All art lovers and collectors are welcome to join these two uniquely individual sculptors for a glass of wine and snacks at the official opening of Bronze Art Africa Gallery on Friday at 18:00.
All will be invited to take a walk through the foundry itself, just a couple of metres from the new gallery, to experience first-hand the heat of the cauldron.
Cañadas will give a demonstration of how bronze is poured. Effervescent actress, Barbie Meyer will open the event. Call Elvy on 072-215-5536 for more details.


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