Duo’s contrasting artwork is worth 1 000 words

    The boiling hot bronze being poured into the mould. Photo credit: Zander Scheurkogel

    The grand opening of Michael Cañadas’ and Marke Meyer’s exhibition took place at the Bronze Art Africa Gallery at Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre on Friday night.

    The contrast between the two artists’ pieces works perfectly to complement each other and is simply superb, with both being equally talented.

    Cañadas, the owner of Bronze Art Africa Foundry, and Meyer have been friends for eight years, doing many exhibitions countrywide together. Although their work is vastly different, their shared love of art and using bronze as their medium has pushed them to create this sensational exhibition in White River.

    Cañadas focuses on wildlife and abstract figurines, and finishes his work quickly and efficiently. He creates pieces that are both loose and refined. Often his beginning strokes are retained and visible in the final piece, creating a freshness and excitement in his work.

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    Meyer on the other hand, describes himself as a much more slow-paced sculptor, and a poet and photographer. Instead of putting pen to paper, he uses his talent to create visual poetry.

    His subject matter is always figurative, and he prefers nude figures, which he feels allows him an open-ended expression of abstract concepts. His poetry and titles are etched onto his pieces like a tattoo, all with their own meanings.

    The lovely actress, Barbie Meyer opened the event. She kept guests enthralled by her light sense of humour and the kind words she spoke of the artists. Meyer and Cañadas both spoke too, welcoming guests, giving a bit of insight to their work and thanking them for the support.

    Guests were treated to delicious wine and canapés, and were able to browse the gallery while admiring the artists’ work. An exclusive walkabout tour of the foundry was given, where spectators were able to view a demonstration of the casting bronze from the boiling hot cauldron (1 200 degrees Celsius).

    It was a memorable evening of wonder, fascination and delight and all who attended thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Danielle Sheedy

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