Traffic official’s vehicle clamped for parking illegally

A traffic official's vehicle was clamped by White River Square security on Friday morning for illegally parking at a bay reserved for disabled persons.

White River Square is very serious about their rules and regulations and proved that not even traffic officials are exempt. A reader sent a photo to White River Post showing a traffic official’s vehicle that had been clamped for illegally parking at a bay reserved for disabled persons and praised the company for strictly enforcing their rules.

Sihle Dube, Assistant Property Manager at White River Square, confirmed the case. “There is no exception to our rules and regulations with regards to reserved disabled parking bays and we expect the assistance of traffic officers to assist in enforcing this rule and not have them working against it. This is a good example of traffic officers breaking their own rules and regulations they vowed to uphold,” she stated.

According to the centre’s rules and regulations, the reserved parking spaces are strictly for vehicles carrying disabled persons. Exceptions are made solely for motorists who act as drivers or assistants for disabled people.

Vehicles driven by disabled people or that transport them are required to display a legitimate sticker from an accredited disability agency.

If a vehicle with such a sticker is parked at the special parking bay but is not carrying a disabled person, a fine of R250 will be issued and the vehicle will be clamped by centre security. The same penalty will apply to other motorists who illegally park at bays reserved for disabled persons.

“Some people cannot resist the temptation of an empty wheelchair parking bay and usually give the excuse that they will not be a minute in coming back to their vehicle. Such excuses or customers will not be tolerated at our centre as we take the disabled right for reserved parking very seriously. We as Centre management and our security company have often time found those customers who park illegally on reserved disabled parking bays often verbally abuse our security guards and parking attendants. This behaviour will not be tolerated at our Centre,” Dube emphasised.

Retha Nel

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