Horse riders perform at Uplands

Hanelize boasted two blue rosettes on White Waters O J’adore in the showjumping 70- and 90-centimetre competition category and three more first places in the accumulator section.

The accumulator event in showjumping is where exhibitors choose their own course, with each fence cleared being worth a given amount of points based on difficulty. The rider who accumulates the most points within a set time on the course is the winner.

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The show started on Saturday, with a strong field of riders executing well-practised moves in the dressage arena, and continued on Sunday with the showjumping categories.

Alexandra Butcher on Brandenburg Lancelot showcased some amazing control when she attained two first places in the medium three and four categories respectively. She also collected a red rosette in the A prelim 1 category on Rathmor Casanova.

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Monica Steenkamp participated in the showjumping and dressage sections. Riding White Waters Victor, she came in second place in the A Prelim 1 dressage section and 10-centimetre showjumping category respectively.

Other achievers on the day were Helle Wagner, in the dressage section, and Anisca Smit, who performed admirably in showjumping.

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