Honesty can’t be bought

Customers from across the country are wowed by the trust placed in them by the owners of a stall near White River Country Club, that has no staff, no security, just an honesty box.

Hettie Swart and her husband Blackie, as he is known by the community, started the project in March and their honesty policy is yet to let them down.

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“What a delight to see how much good is still left in our country’s people,” Hettie told White River Post. From humble beginnings, their farm stall has grown into a community favourite.

Products that range from freshly picked flowers, berries and vegetables are placed on a table at the stall, with a container into which members of the public are trusted to place payment.

“It is a big hit and there is a massive array of products to buy.”

“People appreciate to be trusted,” said Hettie. “Let’s face it, it’s refreshing to be trusted in this day and age,” a Facebook user said when a photo of the stall was recently posted.

“It’s built within us all to want to be honest, and we capitalise on this thought. We will never employ any attendant, or put up any cameras. There is nothing wrong with our country,” Hettie said with pride.

She added that the stalls boast an informal atmosphere, where you simply write you purchases in the book provided and put your money in the box.

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“People sometimes pay more, and some even make a note saying that they will come and pay their dues tomorrow,” she said. “But never have we noticed any theft.”

Look out for the name Plantsman, at the entrance of White River Country Club on Uplands’ side, across 64 Coolmore.

Stefan de Villiers

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