School bus involved in head-on collision

WHITE RIVER – Several pupils from Penryn Prep and College were injured when the minibus they were travelling in on their way to school, was in a head-on collision with a Toyota Corolla yesterday morning.

Raymond Gouws, a witness who was travelling behind the minibus, recalled how the Corolla travelling in the opposite direction, veered into their lane. “The driver did everything he could to avoid the collision.”
Gouws, a Sabie resident, was on his way to work in Mbombela when the accident occurred. “Neither of the vehicles were travelling at a high speed,” he said.
“I saw the collision coming and reduced speed. When it happened I was quite a distance from the minibus and could hear the immense impact from within my vehicle.”

The impact caused the Corolla to spin out of control, and the minibus came to a standstill about 300 metres from the point of impact. Gouws immediately attended to the accident, while another motorist had stopped to attend to the other driver who was still trapped in his vehicle.

“He had sustained minor injuries to his head and arms. His two occupants escaped unscathed,” said Lifemed Ambulance Services media liaison officer, Renata Erasmus.
“Upon arrival I found 10 severely traumatised children. I could’t open the door, but I could confirm that everyone was okay. There was no cellphone signal at the scene, so I drove about a kilometre away to notify emergency medical services, who arrived shortly after and transported the patient to hospital,” he said.
Christian Erasmus, executive head of Penryn College said he is overjoyed there were no serious injuries. “Our children’s safety is our main concern, and there is no feeling worse than being notified of an accident like this,” he said.
He added that counselling will be provided to the children who need it.

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